The Makeup Show Orlando 2014


I’m way late in getting this post out but better late than never!

I always love when it’s The Make Up Show time!  It’s always the motivation I need to keep pushing towards my dream.  As a makeup artist we often times get into a funk and The Make Up show is the perfect way to get out of it!  Back in November I got the opportunity to work along side AJ Crimson at the Frends booth.  I couldn’t believe it was happening for me because I remember the first time I met AJ at the first Makeup Show Orlando where he debuted his new cream foundations.  I also was the very first person to buy it!  And here I am 3 years later working next to him!  Such an honor and a blessing!  His foundations are truly amazing because he is an actual working artist so he knows first hands what makeup artists look for in a product.  Also I love how hands on he is with the product development.  One thing I learned working next to him that is if you want something, don’t stop until you get it. It doesn’t matter how big or small “it” is.

Me with Aj, Renny Vazquez, and Merrel Hollis
Me with Aj, Renny Vazquez, and Merrel Hollis


I didn’t need too many things for my kit see what i got below:



Unfortunately The Makeup Show wont be back in Orlando until 2016.  Looks like I will have to venture out to one of the other locations!

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