Talkin’ Beauty W/ ToniizBeauty on Plenty Pennies

Hello beautiful people!  If you follow my social media (if you dont then shame on you..I’ll post the links below) then you already know that my youtube channel has been picked up by!  Plenty Pennies is a website that is a host site for African American web series.  Its a great place to go […]

Oldie but Goodie: My Collab with Fashion Parkway

Ok so this post is waaaaaaay overdue.  I just realized I never did a blog post about working with Fashion Parkway for the first time (in January)!  This was also my first time doing makeup for a mini fashion film! I have to say it came out really awesome and I was impressed! The requested […]

MY Beauty Picks from the Smirnoff Master of the Mix Orlando

Last  week (Dec 17) I attended the Master of the Mix Viewing Party in Orlando sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka. I must say the event was AMAZING! Great people (so fashionable), great drinks (my fave was called “The Mixer”) and not to mention great MUSIC!  The DJs that kept the crowd hyped were DJ Yonny (Master of […]

MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadows

Photo via MAC is re-releasing their Metal-X Cream Eyeshadows which I believe was originally released in 2007.  Now back in 2007 I was just a lover of makeup but I wasn’t into the artistry part quite yet.  So as the average consumer I wanted these eyeshadows because I thought they were pretty!  These eyeshadows […]