Sedona Lace Zippered Brush Belt Review


Instead of heading outside of my house with the crazies for Black Friday I stayed in my jammies and ordered online.  I basically ordered with makeup companies who I felt had the best deal. Sedona Lace was offering 25% off your order plus they had insane discounted prices on their site.  For instance, the zippered brush belt which normally retails at $19.95 was marked down to $8.95 plus with your order you received a free brush from the Vortex collection which was designed by youtube guru makeupbyrenren! I just HAD to buy SOMETHING! I definitely needed the brush belt because the elf one I had, my brushes were falling all over the place!

If you’re a freelance makeup artist I definitely think this belt is a must have!  Even though I only played $8.95 for mine I would have definitely paid full price for it.  The one I had previously was from elf and costed about $15 (elf is always having sales so you may be able to get it cheaper) but the plastic material although great for cleaning purposes made the belt very stiff.  Not to mention there was no way to protect your brushes when they were not in use.  The soft faux leather material of the sedona one makes it more desirable.  I also feel like it is the perfect size.  It’s big enough to hold a ton of brushes but small enough so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your makeup kit.  I highly reccommend it and now I am even considering buying the Vortex brush collection that goes with it which is also designed by makeupbyrenren.

Order here: Zippered Brush Belt

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