Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters Review

Photo Via Revlon Facebook

Revlon released their Colorburst Lip Butters recently and they have set every beauty youtuber and beauty blogger ablaze.  After seeing rave reviews I had to get my hand on some myself.  I was already a fan of Maybelline’s Baby Lips so I felt that Revlon was trying to copy them so I didn’t know how great they could really be. To my surprise Revlon took Maybelline’s idea and made it even better.  One thing I noticed with the Baby Lips, is its moisturizing at first but I find myself constantly reapplying to maintain moisture. Revlon has a very wide range of colors to choose from and i love reapplying the color because I love the way it makes my lips feel.  They definitely feel smooth, soft and buttery (in a good way) on your lips.  Also the color is buildable so the more you apply the more intense the color is.  They are definitely the perfect combination of color and moisture.  The lip butters contain hydrating mango, shea butter and coconut.  I must say I’m loving the ingredients.  Basically YOU NEED these!  I was lucky enough to catch them on BOGO at walgreens.  I own a lot of pinks already so I tried to get more colors in the nude and brown categories.  Check out the pics below.

Tutti Frutti

Creme Brule

Brown Sugar

Sugar Plum

Fig Jam

Gum Drop my personal fave! Wanted to show a pic with full face done.

(L-R) Tutti Fruitti, Creme Brule’,Brown Sugar, Gumdrop, Fig Jam

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