Premiere Orlando



If you’re unfamiliar with Premiere Orlando, it’s like the largest beauty show in the US. It houses the best in hair, nails, dayspa and esthetics. So yeah, its kind of a big deal. There isn’t too much there for makeup artists, but that’s what The Makeup Show is for. Anyway I just wanted to show some of the stuff I bought while there!


I got some makeup brushes from Morphe Brushes and also some lip wands. This brush line has definitely been generating some buzz on social media so I want to see what al the hype is about. The price point is awesome so what do you have to lose!


I just HAD to restock on my Embroylisse lait crème moisturizer for my kit. While there they told me about the Hydra Mat cream which is a moisturizer/primer for oily skin. Can I just tell you that its AMAZE-BALLS!! I am going to do a separate post about it.


Lastly I bought Sunny Isle bronzing cream by Pinnacle Cosmetics. It’s a private label cosmetic line based out of Toronto. Summer is here and its all about that golden goddess glow!


So that’s it! If you attended premiere what did you buy?



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