Orlando Women’s Success Seminar

On April 25 the very first Women’s Success Seminar kicked off!  Any event that is about promoting the empowerment of women I am all for.  The featured speakers were Tia Maldanado, Melanie Pace, Angela Brown, Monica May, Jenn Lee and Dr Romue Mushtaq.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear the later 2 speak because I had to leave early. I have to be honest, the only speaker I was familiar with was Monica May since I actually have done her makeup once before a couple years ago.

Check out the synopsis of what each speaker spoke about :


Tia Maldonado spoke about the definition of emotional baggage and how to identify it so that you can let it go to move forward in your life


Melanie Pace told us how she got her start in fashion and the importance of being kind to people during her journey


Angela Brown spoke about keeping people around you that inpire you


Monica May told us to always be fabulous and that risk is a part of life and work and if you leap a net will appear and to never be afraid to move to the bext level


With my sister in blog Bianca of ElleBStyles.com


The most interesting thing about the event is that it was put on by Pablo Villatorro! I thought it was so cool that a man put on an event to empower women! He spoke some beautiful words to his mother who was there to support the event. I know she must be so proud!

This event was definitely empowering and I walked away with lasting advice that I will keep with me forever. 

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