October Central Florida Lady Bloggers Meet up


This month Tony Romas was nice enough to host us for our meet up.  As soon as you walked in you were greeted with the smiling staff and offered a drink.  The choices were a Cranberry Romarita or a Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer.  My first choice was the Cranberry Romarita which was delicious!  The night kicked off by a welcome from Monique Yeager , the Director of Marketing.  She introduced the crew for the night which was:

Bob Gallagher, Executive Chef
Ken Myres, President
Jared Campbell, Sous Chef
James Rogers, Sous Chef
Jay Winborne, Media and Communications Manager

Bob Gallagher is the one that creates the recipes for all the restaurants.  He was our guide through each course.  He warned us to pace ourselves because there was going to be a lot of food.  He was not kidding!!

So lets get into the food!

Screaming cheese which was a cross between a fritter and a dumpling with a little bit of spice.
Buffalo chicken egg roll with goat cheese.
Pulled pork tacos with apple cider coleslaw. These were yummy! Bob told us the pork takes 5 hours to smoke.
Filet medallions. These steaks were drenched in a Sam Adams sauce and served with asparagus. We were informed that when purchased $1 will be donated to America for the Arts until December 31st which I thought was so cool!
Roasted Chicken with demi glaze with veggies. It was served with seasonal rice that had golden raisins and squash.
Short ribs with cranberry demi glaze. I think this was my favorite of the night! It was so tender juicy and yummy! It was served with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with chipotle seasoning and cranberries. It was such a yummy and different mix of flavors!

Can not forget about dessert…by this time we all were feeling like we were going to need to be rolled out of the restaurant! lol

Seasonal cobbler with apples and cranberries served with ice cream.

Chatter Buzz Media was nice enough to give us a presentation focusing on SEO.

2 new locations will be opening in the Lee Vista area as well as Winter Park!  As usual I had an awesome time and the food was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend everyone to try their new menu items.

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