Nzuri Hair Products Review


As a natural haired girl one of the biggest struggles is maintaining moisture and maintaining hair growth.  I am always searching for products that will keep my hair moisturized but not weigh my hair down.  I am not of the the natural hair girls that care a lot about using hair products that are all natural.  For me I care more about results and if a product gives me great results and is made with natural ingredients its a double bonus!

I was recently introduced to Nzuri products.  Just a little back story on the company, the CEO Leola Anifowoshe is a certified Trichologist and certified Herbal Therapist.  She started her company after being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, a serious auto immune diseease.  After her diagnosis she started researching alternative medicine and natural supplements since certain drugs were causing her hair to fall out.  During the course of this time she developed “Nzuri Elixir” which helped her restore her hair growth and the rest is history.

Nzuri has tons of products that promote not only healthy hair but  a healthy body as well. I thought this was unique because typically you will see companies that market hair products don’t usually have supplements to promote a healthy body from the inside. For my review I chose the Hair Grow Max Moisturizing conditioner and the Revive and Restore 3 Hemp shampoo.

Unfortunately the conditioner didn’t work out for me.  Since I have so much hair I also typically use a TON of conditioner to not only moisturize but to also help me with detangling.  The size of this bottle would not last long with me and would not be cost efficient for me.  I didn’t feel like I was getting the moisture or the “slip” my hair needs to help me detangle my wildly curly hair.  As far as the hair grow claims I can not speak on that because I am sure its something that I would need to use over time to see results.  So whenever use this product I also add in the current conditioner I’m using because I do like the ingredients of the Nzuri conditioner.

The shampoo was EVERYTHING.  It has been difficult for me to find a shampoo that I actually like because most shampoos leave your hair feeling stripped.  The size of the bottle is fine for me because  I don’t use a lot of product when I’m shampooing.  I also felt like it helped me with getting my curls loose and ready for the conditioner which is when I detangle my hair.


There are so many different products on the site that will match your hair and body needs.  If you are really into natural products definitely check out !



*Nzuri products were provided for my review and these are my honest opinions

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