November 2014 Blogger Meetup

This month’s blogger meet up was host by the lovely Bianca of at Sugar Divas Cakery.  Let me just say how fun and cutely decorated this place is!  It just screams creativity!  The owner Clare started off by giving us a brief bio on how her business came into existence.  Clare had been decorating since the age of 13 and started private classes at 15.  She had moved to Orlando Florida from England to work for Disney and was just laid off last year.  While working at Disney she was still yearning to get back into decorating.  Once she got laid off her friends and family encouraged her to finally start a cake decorating business.  In January of this year Sugar Divas Cakery is here!  They can create virtually anything you desire out of cake!

Clare showing us how to hold the icing to decorate

After Clare demonstrated how to decorate with the icing we were on our own to create a master piece.  The 2 choices of cupcake were Champagne Strawberry and Ameretto Paspberry.  I chose Champagne Strawberry!  Let me just say……it’s so much harder than it looks!  I think I’ll stick to makeup lol  But actually trying to do it made me really have an appreciation for those that are blessed with that talent!

image3 image6 image5

Sugar Divas Cakery offers cake decorating parties that are 3 hours long and in the end you get your own individual cake!  I had so much fun and thank you for Sugar Divas Cakery for hosting us and thank you to Bianca for putting it together!

Photo courtesy of Cat of Beauty by Cat

For more information make sure you check out the Sugar Divas Cakery website!

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