My Nail Journey

Anyone who knows me knows that I bite my nails.  I have bitten them for as long as I remember.  I do have anxiety and I find that I really really bite my nails during high stress times or situations where I feel very anxious.  To be honest its something that has been quite embarrassing.  I always hate when people are always telling me to stop biting my nails.  Its a bad habit, I know!  But lets be honest……do you really think I wans to be biting my nails????  Also as a makeup artist it is not very appealing to show up to a clients home with chewed up nails.  This year one of my goals was to stop biting my nails.  Don’t get it twisted,  I have tried sooooooo many times to stop biting my nails and have failed.  But right now I’m proud to say so far its been about 1 1/2 month since I’ve bitten my nails!

How I was able to stop was I got acrylics for 2 weeks and then I took them off.  Then I went and got the gel nail polish and so far I’ve been able to stop biting them.  Its definitely a daily struggle but I know I can keep it up.  And now that this is on my blog its my way of holding myself accountable! So to my fellow former nail biters, what are some tips that helped you to resist the urge and stop biting your nails?


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