My First Rocksbox

I love a good subscription box because it pays itself and when you receive your package its like having a monthly birthday present, yay! So in comes Rocksbox!  For $19/month you can rent 3 pieces of designer jewelry with an average worth of $200.  Now for me I’ll admit I am a creature of habit and will pretty much only wear gold jewelry because I don’t necessarily know how to pick out cute jewelry for myself and besides, gold goes with everything!  Rockbox is a great way for me to step outside my comfort zone and incorporate pieces I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself.  I really love the low commitment of it as well.  You basically take the survey, they will pick out some gems for you and you can wear them as much as you want.  Return your pieces to get 3 more pieces to rock or you can buy them at a discounted rate!


How cute is the box!?
They really do customize your box to you!

My 3 pieces they chose for me!


This one was my favorite!
So guess what??  Check out and enter the code toninicolexoxo to get 1 month free!  If you are giving it a shot comment below and tell me how you like it!



Disclaimer: Complimentary membership was provided to me for my review.  These are my honest opinions.


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