Katy Perry’s Eyelashes

So I stopped into Ulta the other day to pick up a free gift I earned and ran into this display.  I found it quite interesting that Katy Perry now has her own line of eyelashes. Honestly it would make more sense for Nicki Minaj because she always has distinctive eyelashes.  When I think of Katy Perry I think of crazy color hair.  She should have gotten her own line of crazy hair dye!  But who am I anyway right?  As you can see these babies retail at $6.99. Don’t know that I will be trying them anytime soon, what about you?

If you are interested in trying them check your local Ulta or order here.


  1. Phyrra says

    Her lashes look very full. I’ve been curious about their quality. I’d love to see her do something with Manic Panic 🙂

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