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JASS stands for “Just A Simple Solution”.  They were nice enough to send me their “Original Kit” for review.   This kit has a total of 4 products which retails for $50. It contains Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo, Intense Moisture Treatment Conditioner, Shine spray, Fortifying Leave-in Treatment and Detangling Spray.

My hair is natural and just like every natural girl there are two major problems: keeping in moisture and keeping it tangle free.  So I’m always down to try different hair products.  I’ve tried these products for about 2 weeks since I haven’t been washing my hair too often with the cooler temperature change.  So lets get the review started.

Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo:  This shampoo has tea tree in it which is supposed to be good for eliminating dandruff.  I really love the way this smells and I like the minty scalp feeling.  However, clarifying shampoos always make my hair super tangly and this shampoo was no exception.  Since its job is to strip your hair of all the product build up it can make your hair feel pretty stripped.  So this is something you only want to use to rid your hair of product build up.  I wouldn’t recommend using this on the daily.

Intense Moisture Treatment: I really like this deep conditioner.  Especially after using the Peppermint shampoo this definitely adds the necessary moisture the hair needs.  This conditioner actually helps me with detangling.  Best part of this conditioner is that it contains ingredients such as jojoba oil, wheat protein, keratin and is free of parabens.

Shining “Lite” Spray: Absolutely love the way this smells. Also this does add a nice sheen to your hair.  Especially as I stated previously with natural hair it can tend to look/feel dry.

Fortifying Leave-InTreatment Detangle Spray: I was the least impressed with this product as a detangler.  I just feel like in general  detangle sprays don’t really do anything that spraying good old H2o can’t do.  All it does is make your hair moist so that you can comb through the tangles.  Most of my detangling is done when I’m conditioning my hair so I can’t really say that this spray helped with the detangling.  Now I will say I did use this to refresh my hair for a braid out and I liked it for that.  I use coconut oil as my only styling product and sometimes it can be come very oily.  Using the detangling spray before I braid my hair helps with controlling my oil.  So as a leave in conditioner spray it does its job.

My hair freshly washed using JASS products. I used coconut oil to moisturize while wet then diffused my hair. I sprayed the shine spray after.
You can really see the shine when my hair is in a pony.
My curls are poppin!

After using these products my hair feels super lightweight and squeaky clean.  For more information you can check out www.jassproductline.com !

* I was sent these products for my review and these are my honest opinions.

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