Elf Palette vs Mac Palette

So if you have been following my youtube videos for awhile then you know I’m a huge fan of elf products.  Why? Because they have great price points and most of the products are great quality! In my makeup kit I have several of their brushes and products I use on my makeup gigs. I love how they have been getting innovative and constantly creating products to stay in the competition with the higher end brands.  For instance, although this compact has been out for awhile I only recently got the idea to compare it to the mac palette. The mac quad palette itsself retails for $7.  If you buy the eyeshadows in palette for they are $11 each or if you bought the regular price eyeshadows and depotted them then you’re looking at $14.50 a pop.  Elf’s palette is $1 and each of elf’s individual eyeshadows are a $1 each and elf always has a sale so sometimes you can get them half off or buy one get one half off. So lets break down the numbers:

Mac: 7$ palette + $11 eyeshadows in palette form (4)= $51 or $7 palette + $14.50 eyeshadows, regular (4)= $65

ELF: $1 palette + $1 eyeshadows (4)= $5

There you have it folks! The #’s don’t lie.  As I stated in the video, elf’s color range for their palette eyeshadows are limited so even if you wanted to add your mac eyeshadows in there you’re still saving yourself $7! I don’t know about you but I love saving money. I could buy more makeup with that $7 I’m saving! Also I know inglot has eyeshadows in circular palette form as well but the inglot ones I own are square but I would think their eyshadow can fit in the elf one as well. On elf site you can customize the palette with blush and lipgloss as well as eyeshadow. Basically elf definitely needs to come out with larger palette because I will be all over it!

Order here: ELF

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