Clinique’s Dramatically Different Mosturizer Lotion Review

So while shopping in Sephora months ago I decided to try out this moisturizer because it was being advertised as one of Sephora’s favorites. I actually used to use Clinique’s 3 step skincare system back in my high school days so I was like why not get back into Clinique. If you watched my October Faves video I briefly mentioned it as apart of my skin care regime. I have dry patches of dryness and can get oily in my T zone area.  I feel like this product does not moisturize my face the way I would like.  For my dry patches I feel like I have to put more then I want to just to get it moisturized.  For $24.50 I feel like it should work a lot better than it does.  I’m sorry Clinique but my face did not feel dramatically different. However if you have oily skin I think this product may be a for you because of the weightless feel of it. Yes, even if you have oily skin you still need to use moisturizer because it helps balance the oils in your body. Basically if you have dry skin I do not recommend this product but if you have oily skin I think you might like this.  Have you tried this before?  What did you think about it?


photo via Clinique

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