Annette Jones, CEO/Founder, California Lace Wigs & Weaves

Annette Jones

As a celebrity it is imperative that you always look your best or you will be under some serious negative scrutiny.  This means that hair, makeup an wardrobe needs to be on point honey!  Today I’m going to focus on the hair aspect.  I got a chance to pick the brain of Annette Jones CEO/Founder of California Lace Wigs and Weaves who provides luxury hair for Hollywood’s elite and customers worldwide!  She has contributed her professional advice to well known print and online publications such as Hype Hair, Madame Noir, and now little old me!  Check out some of the celebrities seen rocking CLWW below:


Draya Michelle in CLWW
Draya Michelle in CLWW
Jill Scott in CLWW
Jill Scott in CLWW
Tamara Mowry in CLWW
Tamara Mowry in CLWW

Check out Annette’s answers to all my questions:

What are the hair trends for 2014?



Unprocessed and free! Women are loving their natural hair texture and seeking that natural healthy look. At CLWW we offer a variety of natural hair textures to wear while transitioning and to add that natural flair.



That perfect platinum in a bob or pixie cut is eye catching an takes a lot of confidence to pull it off. This color does not always flatter darker skin but it can be worn by women of many shades.  If you are ready for a bold brave change, contact CLWW and custom order a new-do today.



This style is very simple, and fun and can be created quite easily at home.  You can wear it casual or on a night out.  This hairstyle allows the hair to be totally swept away from the face to accent a nice pair of earrings and a freshly made up face.  You can create this style with a wig or weave from CLWW.

What is the best way to protect your edges when wearing lace wigs?

Friction on your edges can be harmful and cause breakage while wearing lace wigs. Be sure to wear a stocking cap or netting underneath your wig to protect your hair and hold it in place.  Keeping your edges moisturized underneath your wig will protect it from breakage as well.

What are some recommendations on how to keep hair from itching underneath the weave/wigs?

Be sure to shampoo and condition your natural hair thoroughly before applying your wig/weave. Do this bi-weekly to keep your natural hair and scalp clean. To avoid bacteria from forming on the scalp and causing itching and irritation you can simply apply a small amount of Tea Tree oil mixed with a coconut oil to keep your scalp fresh and protected while wearing wigs and weaves. Never neglect your natural hair and scalp while wearing protective styles.


Huge thank you to Annette Jones for taking time out to answer my hair questions!  I love chatting with women entrepreneurs! Don’t forget to check out California Lace Wigs & Weave


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